Quote Of The Moment – A WordPress plugin

Quote Of The Moment Banner

Yet another inspirational quote plugin for WordPress, but with a difference.  This one is AJAX based, which means it refreshes with a random quote without the need for a page refresh.


  1. Go download Quote Of The Moment from the WordPress plugin repository, unzip and move the files to your WordPress plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/…)
  2. Activate the ‘Quote Of The Moment’ plugin from you WordPress dashboard.
  3. Move the ‘Quote Of The Moment’ widget to the desired location on your page.

… and that’s it, quotes will begin appearing on your site.


There is also a configuration page allowing you to alter the quotes source and how often they are refreshed.


There are 3 themeable div elements. The overall ‘qotm_container’, and the ‘qotm_quote’ and ‘qotm_author’ elements. See the included style.css file for more information.

Also, if you mouseover the quote it will stop refreshing until you mouseleave the area, allowing you to read the quote without risk of it changing.


If you have any problems or suggestions with regard to this plugin please use the WordPress support page for this plugin here. However, if you would prefer to email me directly please feel free: spoffle at gmail dot com.  I will usually reply within 24 hours.

The code

There are 2 main branches of code necessary to make this plugin work, there is the plugin code itself that you need to install in WordPress, and there is the code that serves the plugin with quotes from a database held here on this server.

For the server/database code please see this post here.  For the plugin, download it and look through the files using a text editor like Notepad++.  The code should be self evident, but if not please comment below with any questions you have.

Download it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/quote-of-the-moment/